Training & QHSE

By implementing an ethos which dedicates itself to training individuals and nurturing transferrable skills, GoreVega holds an accomplished, multi-cultural consultant base of individuals with hands-on experience in several niche areas of the well lifecycle.

The fast moving and technical nature of the oil and gas industry means it is essential that staff are equipped with the correct skills to do the job.

We place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our entire team receives high levels of competency and professional development training.

We build a portfolio on each candidate by recording job types, new skills, and how many times they have employed a particular skill. We verify those jobs and skill sets with project supervisors and management.

We also have a self-assessment technical skill matrix where each candidate records what he or she is capable of - a mentor then vets this information. Objectives are set, opportunities are provided to improve and add to those skills and a review takes place once a year, or earlier if required.